Glassnode Unveils an Exclusive Package of Advanced On-Chain Metrics

Glassnode, an on-chain market analytics provider, has announced an exclusive package of advanced on-chain metrics. According to the company, it is unveiling up to twenty-eight exclusive on-chain metrics that add to wallet distribution as well as holding age. The platform brought this development to the front through its official X account.

Glassnode introduces a new suite of 28 cutting-edge On-Chain metrics, adding both holding age, and wallet distribution breakdowns to critical metrics, such as SOPR, MVRV, Realized Profit, and Realized Cap.

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— glassnode (@glassnode) April 25, 2024

Glassnode’s Unique On-Chain Metric Suite Promises a Better Display of the Market Outlook

Apart from that, to provide more details about the latest features, Glassnode published a blog post on its website. It added that all the latest on-chain metrics are now accessible on the platform concerning Ethereum and Bitcoin. The latest endeavor reportedly strengthens the status of Glassnode as a frontrunner in on-chain analytics.

For this purpose, it adds an unparalleled depth to crucial metrics. They take into account Realized Cap, Realized Profit, MVRV, and SOPR. The inclusion of the enhanced breakdowns in line with the wallet size and holdings distributions is very beneficial. This enables the consumers to significantly increase their knowledge of market sentiment, asset fundamentals, and capital flows.

Clients Can Access the New Metrics Right Away

To access the respective metrics, institutional clients can move to Glassnode Studio. There, they can open Charts after logging in. In this section, the customers can select Breakdowns in the metrics catalog. Users can join the Glassnode Academy to have a detailed overview and the implementation of the metrics in individual analyses. The platform disclosed that the latest metric suite addresses complicated questions regarding market dynamics.

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They reportedly increase the ability of the consumers to make wise decisions in line with the comprehensive cohort analysis. Now, the platform has a better position in offering an additionally intuitive outlook of the asset holdings and flows. A crucial benefit of the new suite is that it specifically focuses on traders with volume analysis, loss and profit signals, risk assessment, and early detection of the trends in the market.

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