Bitcoin (BTC) Bears in Control? BTC Price at Risk of Dropping 20% Soon

Bitcoin’s journey through the financial landscape has been nothing short of a wild ride, especially with former Grayscale Director Phil Bonello dropping hints of a possible crash to the $52,000 mark. But where exactly is Bitcoin headed next?

Let’s dive into the details of this drama.

A Storm of Concerns: What’s Wrong?

In a world filled with worries about rising prices, global tensions, and the performance of other cryptocurrencies, Bonello recently shared some cautionary insights in a post on X.

He painted a picture where Bitcoin might have a 20% chance of falling to $52,000, driven by fears of inflation, spending trends, and the behavior of alternative cryptocurrencies. Bonello highlighted the specter of inflation, alongside ongoing global tensions and the shaky stability of certain currencies, all casting shadows over the crypto world.

The world of alternative cryptocurrencies isn’t immune to the turmoil either, with many seeing steep drops of over 50%, leaving investors on edge as they assess their positions. Despite sluggish Bitcoin ETF activity, Bonello remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s resilience, expecting ETF activity to pick up later in the year.

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We’re Now Entering Bear Territory!

Bonello also noted that Bitcoin’s open interest has dipped to levels reminiscent of when the price was at $50,000, indicating a looming downturn. Currently, various market indicators like funding, basis, and skew appear to be sitting on the fence, according to his analysis.

Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe echoes Bonello’s sentiments, predicting a prolonged period of slow sideways movement for Bitcoin over the next 3-6 months, with further corrections possible. However, he sees potential for altcoins to shine during this time. Van de Poppe also suggests a potential rally for Bitcoin if there’s a surge in whale transactions.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The recent drop in Bitcoin’s value, dipping below $63,000, reflects the concerns raised by Bonello and van de Poppe. Long liquidations have only worsened the situation, with over $34 million worth in the past 24 hours alone. Bitcoin is now teetering on the edge of the crucial $60,000 support level.

If it breaks, a drop to $52,000 could be on the cards. But if it climbs above $70,000, brace for a new all-time high.

Adding to the bearish sentiment is a decrease in whale activity since March 14. However, analysts believe a resurgence in whale transactions could breathe new life into Bitcoin’s price, offering a glimmer of hope in uncertain times.

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Ready to make your move? Understanding Bitcoin’s trajectory can inform your next crypto decision.

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