Trump Bitcoin Ordinals inscribed for buyers of the ‘Mugshot Edition’ NFTs

Buyers of former President Donald Trump’s “Mugshot Edition” NFTs have had their bonus Bitcoin Ordinals inscribed, the company behind the polarizing figure’s non-fungible token collections said Friday.

“We announced that certain buyers of the Mugshot Edition would be eligible for a one-of-one Trump Bitcoin Ordinal as part of their purchase,” the company said in a post to X. “We are pleased to announce they are officially inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain forever.”

The company launched late last year the Mugshot Edition NFTs, announcing that anyone who bought 47 in a single transaction (priced at $99 a piece) would get both dinner with Trump and a physical trading card that includes a piece of the suit he wore when his famous mugshot was taken by police last August. Anyone who purchased 100 Trump NFTs was eligible for the Bitcoin Ordinal.

“For Ordinal fans, all Trump inscriptions are inscribed using parent-child on alpha rare Satoshis (the first satoshi of every Bitcoin),” NFT INT LLC said on Friday.

The Mugshot Edition NFTs is one of multiple collections launched by NFT INT LLC using Trump’s likeness. After some heavy trading volume for the first edition launched in late 2022, interest in Trump NFTs has cooled.

NFT INT LLC says on its website it is “not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC or any of their respective principals or affiliates.”

Instead, “NFT INT LLC uses Donald J. Trump’s name, likeness and image under paid license from CIC Digital LLC, which license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms,” the website also states.

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The former president and reality TV star has previously been listed as CIC Digital LLC’s manager, president, secretary and treasurer, according to disclosures posted by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

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