Raoul Pal Reveals The Best Altcoins in 2024

In his latest video analysis, Raoul Pal took a unique approach to ranking the top 25 cryptocurrencies based on their potential longevity and adoption. He divided the ratings into four groups, which showed how confident he was in the future of each asset: S, A, B, and C/D.

Starting with the top tier (S), Pal put Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana there to show how stable their ecosystems are and how strong their roots are. People think of these assets as essential to the crypto space, and they’ll likely continue to do well in the long run.

As we move down to the A tier, Pal included Dogecoin because of its performance during many market cycles. Even though Dogecoin doesn’t have a clear use case besides being a meme coin, it has regularly received a lot of attention and delivered substantial returns to investors.

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Next up on the list is the B tier, which includes Pal-listed altcoins like XRP, Cardano, Chainlink, and Cosmos. These projects have shown potential with their respective use cases and development efforts but have yet to fully achieve global adoption or prove their long-term viability. XRP and other B-tier assets have potential value but are facing wider acceptance and regulatory issues. 

Looking at future scope, Pal assigned the C tier to assets like Polygon (Matic) and Tron, indicating uncertainty about their future success. While these projects have gained some traction, they still face challenges in establishing themselves as key players in the crypto space. With less risk, they have a good chance to shine in the coming bull market. 

Finally, going with the popular take, Pal assigned a D rating to assets like Ton Coin and Injective, suggesting higher risk and uncertainty surrounding their prospects. These projects may have promising ideas or technology but lack the necessary traction or adoption to warrant higher confidence.

Will you alter your portfolio with Pal’s insight?

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Analyzing Raoul Pal’s Crypto Tier List 

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