Illuvium Beta 4 and Token Airdrop

Play to airdrop has been a hot buzzword this year, but Illuvium is prepared to outdo all of the others with a token airdrop worth over $23 million dollars! This windfall not only goes to players in their upcoming beta release, but also whose who have participated in the the Illuvium ecosystem.

Play to airdrop is coming on big with Illuvium beta 4. But even before then, token allocations have already begun!

The Illuvium team took a snapshot on April 14th to reward those who have been active in the Illuvium ecosystem. This includes those staking in the ILV pool and Sushi liquidity pool, purchasers of Illuvitars, holders of Illuvium Zero land, and traders on the IlluviDex. The total reward pool for this group is 50,000 ILV tokens!

Next up, Illuvium will hold a play to airdrop campaign when Beta 4 launches. This includes 20k tokens for the testnet phase of the beta, and an additional 180k tokens for the mainnet beta, which will also be open to everyone.

Illuvium has allocated 250,000 ILV tokens in total for these airdrops. Which, if my calculations are correct, equates to tokens worth $23 million! The exact date of the token airdrop has not yet been revealed.

ILV functions as the governance token for the Illuvium ecosystem, and allows stakers to earn a portion of the proceeds from the IlluviDex.

More about Illuvium Beta 4

Beta 4 heralds a big step for Illuvium as we expect to see the first connections between the three current games. How exactly this will work is still unknown. But, we do know that Illuvium wants players to heavily test these and other features during all phases of the beta. So don’t be surprised if a portion of the airdrop is reserved for those finding bugs and providing detailed feedback and testing.

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But there should also be plenty of tokens for more casual players as well. To snag a part of the first airdrop phase, you will want to sign up for Private Beta 4. Registrations are open now until April 30th, with the testnet launch planned on the 30th for 10,000 players. You can connect and register with your Immutable Passport.

Open beta to be launched at some point after the private beta.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built the Ethereum blockchain, and using the Immutable X layer. Players journey across a vast and varied landscape to hunt and capture creatures, or Illuvials. Together with their tamed Illuvials, players are tasked with discovering what caused the cataclysm that shattered the world.

Though the core Illuvium game is an open-world adventure game that is part auto-battler and part creature collector, the Illuvium web3 space encompasses much more. This includes Illuvium Zero, a land-based builder game and Iluvium Beyond, a PFP collecting and editing game. All of the various Illuvium projects will interconnect when the beta launches

Illuvium Overworld, the open-world, RPG, features over 100 Illuvials to capture, each with different attributes and powers. Capture them, upgrade them and combine two Iluvials to fuse a new one. Players can store their Illuvials on Shards, a bit like a collectible card. These cards hold the essence of an Illuvial. Players can trade shards in the marketplace or give them to a friend.

Illuvium has its own marketplace known as the IlluviDex. This serves as a central point for trading all things Illuvium related. Illuvium also includes player governance in the form of a Council that goes through regular election periods.

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To learn more, visit the Illuvium website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Illuvium Arena battle

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