Neo and Tria announce partnership for Neo X

Neo is partnering with Tria, a “consumer-first” Layer 1 blockchain which aims to revolutionize user experience with network and native token abstractions.

Originally called Threely, Tria’s primary goal is to simplify the blockchain experience for consumers. It was built to be EVM equivalent, using Polaris with Cosmos SDK.

The Tria team aims to provide a highly abstracted and aggregated service, enabling users to manage a wallet with a single password, transact across different blockchains seamlessly, and access a wide range of Web3 applications without the need for navigating through complex processes.

This approach not only enhances user convenience but also significantly lowers the entry barrier for mainstream adoption of blockchain. The underlying technology for these abstractions is called the Super Layer v2, described as a “Layer-0” which uses a mixture of distributed key management, trustless networking, and trusted computation.

With Tria, users should be able to transact on different EVM and non-EVM networks without owning separate wallets or native gas tokens. The team is also exploring decentralized identities, content-aware automatic transactions, and applications for zero-knowledge proofs.

Following an investment from Neo, Tria has completed its integration on the Neo X TestNet and will launch on MainNet. This will allow Neo X dApps to leverage the Tria stack to onboard users.

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