MACH AVS by AltLayer becomes live on Testnet

It is exciting news that the recent announcement of the launch of MACH AVS has created a buzz around the crypto world. MACH AVS is a progressive, swift, and active validated service (AVS) for OP Mainnet and Arbitrum One, now live on the testnet. With such an initiation, MACH can go on the mainnet in the coming weeks.

Background of MACH

MACH has operated as an AVS by providing scope to the users by delegating LSTs or ETH along with ALT tokens, considering the registered operators. Economic collateral is deposited in terms of securing MACH for attesting the validity of a rollup state. This offers a final roll-up.

MACH will be the first AVS under the framework of the restakes rollup to serve two of the largest rollups, such as Arbitrum One and OP Mainnet. It will offer the following services for end users, considering the rollups:

  • Fast confirmation for roll-up transactions can make the transaction more secure and ethically proven.
  • They used crypto-economic security to detect malicious network participants.
  • Decentralization of rollup stakes with validation

Guide for user delegation

The progress of MACH in the testnet invites the delegator to restake LSTs and ETH assets by helping to test the AVS. This represents a complete guide for delegating MACH assets.

Restaking of the token

Step 0: Obtaining testnets such as WETH, ETH, or LSTs by following the guide

Step 1: Proceeding towards the Holesky testnet of EigenLayer, considering the web application, and connecting the Web3 wallet

Step: Click on “Restake Your Tokens” on the dashboard.

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Step 3: You can observe the different assets for restaking that EigenLayer has supported. Later, select the assets that you have obtained in step 0.

Step 4: Provide input of the token amounts, which can be restake by you by clicking “Deposit” and confirming the transaction process in the wallet.

At this current stage, one can successfully conduct the restaking of assets through the EigenLayer contract. The next step would be to delegate the operator to MACH AVS.

Step 1: Navigating the AVS tab on the upper space of the web application

Step 2: Move over and choose the AltLayer MACH AVS card. Then, scroll down to the section entitled “Operators running AltLayer MACH AVS.”

Step 3: Click on Delegate and confirm the successful transaction.

With these easy procedures, anyone can successfully delegate testnet assets to MACH AVS via their preferred operator.

Through such retention, a new arena of interest in the crypto ecosystem can be encouraged among consumers. It can retain user privacy and secure transactions for rollups, through which consumer reliability and sensitivity can be retained.

Stakers can only conduct delegation with a single operator at any given time. Delegation is also possible for the natives because these validators are in the activation queue.

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