Asprey Studio Launches “Silver Scream” Rework of Edvard Munch’s Classic on Ordinals

In a fusion of digital innovation and traditional craftsmanship, Asprey Studio has announced the launch of “Silver Scream,” a new collection that reinterprets Edvard Munch’s iconic artwork “The Scream” into digital and physical forms.

This unique collection reimagines Edvard Munch’s iconic “The Scream,” a symbol of modern existential angst, into a limited series of digital and physical artworks. Drawing from the official archives of the Art Institute of Chicago via Bridgeman Images, “Silver Scream” offers art enthusiasts a new way to experience the haunting beauty of Munch’s 1895 lithograph.

The collection consists of 444 digital artifacts inscribed on the Ordinal blockchain, with a starting price of 0.01 BTC each. Among these, 434 pieces boast unique variations, introducing an array of rarities for collectors to discover. Highlighting the collection are 10 exclusive physical artworks, crafted for the owners of the first 10 digital pieces. These physical renditions are intricately handcrafted from sterling silver and oxidized to echo the original lithograph’s emotional depth.

Chief Creative Officer Alastair Walker elucidates the concept behind the collection, noting the original artwork’s thematic resonance with the digital art and cryptocurrency domains.

“Scream represents anxiety,” he explains, adding, “It’s an appropriate piece for the digital art / crypto world, and we were inspired by its expressionism and added some motion, color, and unique variations to the collection.”

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The process of creating each physical piece is both controlled and transformative. Expert silversmiths at Asprey’s London workshop meticulously handcraft each piece, which is then finished by master engravers. Priced at $20,000 each, these physical artifacts are a testament to Asprey Studio’s mastery over both digital and traditional artistic processes.

“It will be a controlled and transformative process to capture our interpretation of ‘Scream,’” explains Walker. “The physical pieces will be hand-block oxidized on sterling silver, adorned with ‘silver dust’ from our polishing room, creating a subtle patina that makes each one unique.”

Credit: Asprey Studio

Asprey Studio, part of the 242-year-old luxury house Asprey, focuses on bridging digital and physical art mediums. It has previously launched collaborations, such as with Bugatti, and aims to support artists working at the intersection of technology and traditional art. The studio comprises a design studio, a members club, and a gallery, with “Silver Scream” being showcased at Asprey Studio’s Mayfair gallery.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is a seminal work of modern art, capturing a moment of intense anxiety. This piece has been interpreted as an expression of the human condition, characterized by a lack of gender and a distorted form, which aligns with Asprey Studio’s innovative project.

For more information or to purchase from the “Silver Scream” collection, interested parties can contact Asprey Studio directly.

Credit: Asprey Studio

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