Analytics Company Reveals 11 Altcoins That May List on Binance in the Next Period

Cryptocurrency analysis company Layergg recently shared a list of altcoins likely to be listed on Binance. The company highlighted the high listing rate of Binance Labs portfolio compared to other venture capitalists.

According to the data, the altcoins invested by Binance Labs are listed on Binance at a rate of 20%.

Layergg identified a few projects that are on Binance Labs’ investment list but are not traded on Binance, so they have listing potential:

  • LayerZero: Token launch is expected in the first half of the year.
  • Xterio: With a recent Layer-2 Chain announcement and AI, Xterio is gaining attention. It is known that Binance prefers the Layer-2 and Gaming sectors. In addition, users can interact with Discord to constantly earn XP.
  • dappOS: Polychain’s addition to the recently announced $15 million funding round raises the possibility of listing. Binance and Polychain have jointly invested, and projects over $15 million are listed at 62%.
  • Ultiverse: This is one of the most talked about listing candidates from the ‘Airdrop to NFT holders’ themed altcoins. An upcoming ULTI airdrop event with Binance Web3 Wallet is planned for April 9th.
  • Gomble: Binance once again participated in the latest funding round of this project. A Gomble OG Spaceship NFT Auction has been announced for mid-April and the G altcoin airdrop to NFT holders has been confirmed.
  • Tabi: With the recent announcement of Modular Cosmos Gaming Tier-1, Tabi is also on Layergg’s radar in terms of listing. Binance favors the Tier and Gaming verticals, and Tabi’s ongoing new social project and points activity and 1 million followers make him a good candidate for listing.
  • Initia: This project includes L2 + MoveVM + EVM and the incentivized testnet will start in April, while the mainnet looks set to be released in the 2nd quarter.
  • Puffer/Renzo: These, along with Etherfi, are leaders in the Liquid Restaking Token space. However, ETHFI still ranks first in the Liquid Restaking Token industry.
  • zkPass: The recently announced ZKP airdrop criteria and events have interaction with the Binance account.
  • Babylon: Mainnet launch is expected to be made in the 2nd quarter after the halving. According to Layergg, this project is expected to be a leader in the Bitcoin staking industry and has the potential for staking pioneer NFT holders to receive airdrops.
  • Sleek: This recently announced Bitcoin Layer-2 project is unique in that it is funded solely by Binance and not OKX.
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*This is not investment advice.

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