Seedify Partners with Polygon to Boost Web3 Development

Seedify, a famous Web3 launchpad and incubator, has started an exclusive partnership. As per its official announcement on X, the company is collaborating with Polygon (a PoS blockchain) to expand the development in the Web3 sector. In its post on the social media platform, the firm noted that the collaboration will offer several beneficial things.

The cooking never stops here… and we got a feeling you’ll like this dish 😉@0xPolygon and Seedify are joining efforts to power up web3 development ❤️‍🔥

Here’s what this synergy brings to the table:

🔷 Seedify can connect with Polygon Ecosystem for possible launches and…

— Seedify (@SeedifyFund) April 5, 2024

Seedify Collaborates with Polygon to Make Cutting-Edge Developments in the Web3 Sphere

Seedify mentioned that the firm can link with Polygon to carry out possible incubations and launches. In addition to this, this also provides benefits to a wide range of other ecosystems such as Immutable. The entire possesses almost seventy percent of the blockchain-related gaming endeavors. Seedify added that the latest partnership will additionally enable the firm to unveil the exclusive endeavors to Polygon.

Apart from that, the firm can also introduce the respective projects to P2 Ventures. This would permit access to consumers, funding, as well as marketing resources. Moreover, it will bridge the SFUND token to the protocols on Polygon. This will boast approximately 219.11 million latest addresses.

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The Endeavor Will Potentially Let Users Access Unique Opportunities

The collaboration between both entities also deals with the new events such as the marketing, and gaming endeavors of Seedify. Seedify additionally disclosed that the projects on Seedify will now get access to the new resources. These resources are provided by one of the prominent players in the market. According to Seedify, this project will offer the latest opportunities to the community.

This will let the users become a part of the cutting-edge projects that the Polygon ecosystem offers. The collaborators are starting their journey to elevate the Web3 sector with the inclusion of technological advancements. Seedify expressed its enthusiasm to maintain the position of both companies in the whole industry.

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