Reboot and BattlePlan Forge Alliance with XAI Network

Reboot, the groundbreaking gaming protocol driving Pixel Vault’s flagship game, BattlePlan, has announced a strategic partnership with The Xai Foundation, a core contributor to the gaming-centric blockchain network. This partnership signals a significant advancement in the landscape of on-chain gaming, with BattlePlan set to leverage Xai’s cutting-edge technology to elevate the gaming experience for its rapidly expanding user base.

Expected to launch on Xai in Q2 2024, BattlePlan’s integration represents a pivotal moment for both the game and the broader on-chain gaming ecosystem. By harnessing the capabilities of the Xai network, BattlePlan aims to revolutionize gameplay, opening up new avenues for innovation and opportunities within the industry. Notably, BattlePlan is just the first of many planned games to come under the Reboot Protocol.

Sean Gearin, CEO of Pixel Vault, expressed excitement for the integration, stating “We have helped to develop an ecosystem that starts with fun games and then uses blockchain technology to enhance the experience by driving value back to players, content creators, developers, and more.”
“We have great respect for the goals defined by the Xai team and we are looking forward to working with them to scale the network and broaden its player base.”

Sean Gearin, CEO of Pixel Vault
BattlePlan, launched on Arbitrum Nova in early January, has quickly gained a devoted following, boasting up to 5,000 weekly active users who spend an average of two hours per day immersed in gameplay. Season One has seen impressive participation, with over 10,000 players testing their skills and amassing over 7.5 million transactions.

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As BattlePlan gears up to scale and onboard non-crypto-native players, the decision to transition to the XAI network alongside Reboot reflects a strategic shift to a chain tailored specifically for gaming. This move is expected to enhance game stability, transaction speed, and overall player experience.

Each BattlePlan game session is fully verifiable on-chain, with transactions seamlessly executed behind the scenes, ensuring players can focus solely on gameplay while enjoying the transparency and security afforded by blockchain technology.

Soby, a core contributor to Xai, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are extremely excited to have the Reboot Protocol joining the Xai ecosystem.”
“Pixel Vault, incubator to Reboot, has been at the leading edge of Web3 for years, and alongside Xai, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming.”

Soby, Contributor at Xai
“Their team, brands, and partners will help us take things to the next level in GG,” added Soby.

About Xai Foundation

The XAI Foundation aims to foster the growth of developers and games within the XAI blockchain ecosystem. This includes attracting third-party developers, implementing effective marketing strategies, and offering financing opportunities to web3 game developers.

About BattlePlan

Developed by Pixel Vault and powered by Reboot, BattlePlan is an on-chain strategic auto-brawler where players can wager their skill for real rewards.

About Pixel Vault

Pixel Vault is a pioneering blockchain gaming and IP development company dedicated to elevating crypto-native assets across various mediums. Committed to innovation and community, Pixel Vault strives to deliver immersive gaming and storytelling experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

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About Reboot Protocol

Reboot is a gaming protocol that converts player, developer, and contributor skills into rewards using decentralized, blockchain-based services, creating a sustainable token economy for skill-based games to thrive. For more information, access the Reboot whitepaper at

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