MOJO Airdrop and Token Info

Planet Mojo, the studio behind Mojo Melee, has released info about their new token, MOJO. With a token contract already in place, Planet Mojo revealed plans to offer this token to players in a future update, while also holding an airdrop campaign based on social engagement.

The MOJO token is coming! Well, actually, it’s already here! You can view the token contract at address 0xeD2d13A70acbD61074fC56bd0d0845e35f793e5E on Polygon. And those who participated in Mojo Melee’s March Madness event may have already received a token airdrop! Check you wallet!

Though the MOJO token is already released, holders won’t be able to buy, sell, or transfer their tokens until it gets listed on a centralized exchange, at which point all tokens will unlock, no vesting required! Unfortunately, you will have to pass a KYC process, and have an address that is not in the United States (damn you SEC!) to unlock your airdropped tokens. Details on how this will all work will be revealed at some future point.

Additionally, Planet Mojo is currently holding a social activities campaign at Mojo.Forge.GG. Users can earn airdrop points through daily activities, which will run through April 12th.

What is MOJO token?

MOJO is the utility token for Planet Mojo and its ecosystem. This includes Planet Mojo, the just recently released Gogo Mojo, and any future games and experience in the Mojo universe.

MOJO has a total token supply of 1 billion with 30 million reserved for public distribution and 320 million for monthly community rewards over the next five years.

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Mojo Melee players will earn MOJO tokens by winning Duel matches. Winnings are based on player rank, player collection tier, augments (certain collectibles will affect earnings), and win streak. To reduce token farming, players can only earn tokens for a maximum of five wins per day. Presumably their other games will also incorporate MOJO token rewards.

Players will spend MOJO tokens on cosmetic items and gameplay boosters, as entry fees for tournaments, and for boxes of random loot. MOJO will also function as the governance token for Planet Mojo, letting holders vote on governance proposals.

You can read more about the MOJO token here.

mojo tokenmojo token

What is Planet Mojo?

Planet Mojo is a web3 game development studio. They currently have two active games, Mojo Melee, and Mojo Go Go.

Mojo Melee is a free to play, fantasy-based, auto-battler. Mojo Go Go is a browser-based, runner game. Planet Mojo also has plans to develop Mojo Frontiers, a land-based game, and Project Nova, a ‘AAA’ game that they are keeping under wraps.

Planet Mojo has several NFT collections for use in Mojo Melee. But they also have the Mod-able Mojo collection, which can be used in both Mojo Melee and in Mojo Go Go!

To learn more about Planet Mojo, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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