Binance’s Portfolio Margin now available to non-VIP users holding minimum 100,000 USDT in cross margin and futures

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has expanded access to its Portfolio Margin previously reserved for VIP users and now available to non-VIP traders with a minimum balance of 100,000 USDT in their cross margin and futures wallets, according to the information shared with Finbold on April 3.

This move is set to bolster capital efficiency and give new opportunities to users with complex trading strategies who may not qualify for VIP status.

In addition to the expansion, Binance has also introduced a new Portfolio Margin wallet, which streamlines management by consolidating USDⓈ-M Futures, COIN-M Futures, and Cross Margin wallets into one.

Binance’s Portfolio Margin

Portfolio Margin is more than just a margin account — it’s a risk management tool.

By counterbalancing unrealized profits and losses across futures and cross margin trading, the feature offers users flexibility and increased capital efficiency.

With access to over 878 trading pairs, including cross margin pairs and various futures contracts, traders will now have a lot of new opportunities for arbitrage and risk mitigation.

The key benefits

Sherrine Tan, Binance’s Product Marketing Lead, emphasized the importance of empowering traders with efficient tools as crypto markets evolve, stating:

“As crypto market activity levels continue to rise, users trading futures and margin will want every tool available to improve their overall capital efficiency. We are pleased to extend Portfolio Margin to eligible non-VIP users so they too, can make use of a broad range of supported collateral assets on Binance to enhance their trading strategies. The new combined Portfolio Margin Wallet reduces friction, and offers greater ease for asset management. We are committed to continuously enhance our products to provide users with the best trading experience.”

— Sherrine Tan, Binance’s Product Marketing Lead

Some key benefits of Binance’s Portfolio Margin include a wide range of supported collateral assets across different trading products, competitive collateral ratios, and a unified view of assets and profits/losses in a single wallet.

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Additionally, dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints make trading across USDⓈ-M Futures, COIN-M Futures, and Cross Margin products seamless.

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