Deliverance of the initial tokenized node in the GalaChain ecosystem

Gala declares that Common ground World Nodes are transforming into the initial tokenized node licenses within the GalaChain ecosystem.

The requirement was maintaining maximized node networks for boosting inventive projects, products, and platforms within Web3. These networks help strengthen users’ ability to do their bit for computing power to the decentralized network via GalaChain’s established DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network). This provides the option for transforming community computers into workers about the blockchain and rewarding operators for their efforts.

At a time when GalaChain was being developed, the focus remained on the tokenization of node licenses. A major advantage of blockchain is the user’s ability to own tokenized products as they wish. Therefore, a certification to run a DePIN node for rewards should also be present.

On that note, the founder’s and Common Ground World nodes will be the initial ones within the GalaChain network that will be tokenized.

Since the decentralized Gala ecosystem began, node certifications have been released as account-locked products. It is not possible to either transfer them or trade them. By utilizing node workload NFTs, operators are encouraged to trade their certifications.

It is to be noted that the node workload NFTs are not the real nodes. Instead, they are the tokenized certifications that run the nodes for rewards. The nodes are operated using the GalaChain node client on the operator’s computer. By transferring a node workload NFT to some other user, he gets the go-ahead to run that node and obtain rewards that accompany it.

The Common Ground World members are tokenizing certifications regarding Common Ground World Nodes. This is an integral part before the deliverance of Common Ground World Guilds, a revolutionary factor of Gala’s landmark game consisting of town and city developers.

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All who have bought Common Ground World Node certifications at a previous sale will come in for some node workload NFTs.

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