Skywards Proposes Adding sUSDe Ethena To Aave V3 On Ethereum

Skywards, a prominent organization in the DeFi ecosystem, has put forward a proposal to integrate a staking version of Ethena’s synthetic dollar, sUSDe, into Aave V3 on Ethereum. This proposal follows the consensus reached during the TEMP CHECK phase and signals potential improvements to the Aave protocol. sUSDe offers a stable crypto solution with profitable income opportunities, making it an attractive asset for borrowers in the Aave ecosystem.

Risk parameters for the integration will be provided by Chaos Labs, highlighting Aave’s commitment to robust risk management practices. Notably, Skywards is promoting this proposal by emphasizing community-driven decision-making and transparency in its governance processes. This proposal marks a significant step forward in expanding Aave’s offerings and attracting a wide range of users seeking stable and income-generating assets in the DeFi environment.

As the proposal moves forward, feedback from the community and service providers will play a critical role in shaping the final decision. If the response remains positive, the proposal will move to the ARFC snapshot stage, followed by an AIP vote for final confirmation and execution. If the proposal passes the Aave V3 governance process on Ethereum, it will potentially change the DeFi landscape.

Image: Crypto Valley Journal

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