Play to Earn Games to Watch in April

April is upon us, and the web3 gaming scene continues to heat up with scheduled releases, token generation events, major game changes, and more! Read one to see a few games that we will plan to watch in the month of April, 2024!

Tokens, tokens, tokens! It’s definitely the season for new gaming tokens. It seems that many gaming developers have been holding off, waiting for improvements in the market before releasing their tokens. But now the time has come! We’ve already had a number of token releases this year, including MAVIA, QORPO, and BAWK. But there are plenty more coming soon from MOCA to MOJO to NYAN, and more!

But it’s not all about tokens. There are also a number of upcoming releases, ongoing play to airdrop campaigns, and other such excitement! Here are a couple of notable happenings this month that we will be keeping our eyes on!


Splinterlands recently made a major change to the way their league system functions, and now they follow that up with a revamp to the way awards are generated as well (going live today, April 2nd)! Once one of the top dogs in the web3 gaming space, Splinterlands has lost a significant part of their market share over the last year or so. These changes are part of their ongoing efforts to improve the new player experience, while also making the game more appealing to their existing players.

Will these changes see an increase in players numbers for Splinterlands? We shall soon see!

Mocaverse / Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands has opened up reservations for their upcoming token sale. MOCA, the main token for Animoca Brands and, by extension, the Mocaverse. And the Mocaverse continues to grow quickly, now offering a half dozen missions at any given point to let anyone with a Moca ID earn Realm Points, which can be used for various giveaways. Current missions include partnerships with Nine Chronicles,, and Kucoin, just to name a few.

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Though their NFT mint a year ago didn’t quite sell out, I would be surprised to see the same results with their MOCA token. Given the extent of Animoca’s reach in web3 gaming, it feels like only good things lie ahead for anything they release!

Moca token sale bannerMoca token sale banner

Voxie Tactics

A while back Voxie Tactics announced plans to move their game over to Unity.

Scheduled to go live on April 29th, the re-launch will also include a new website, a celebratory launch stream, and updates to their social branding as well. Throughout April the Voxie Tactics team will release more info about the upcoming changes, hold a sneak-peek live stream, and ramp up their social media presence with marketing announcements, trailers, and good stuff like that. The Voxie Tactics teams is excited about the new release. This will not only improve the graphics and sound quality, but it will make it easier for them to develop moving forward.

On back of this announcement, Voxie Tactics has already set new records in regards to daily active users. With an updated client and changes to their game economy, Voxie Tactics hopes to bring in more players and grow their turn-based, fantasy, strategy game into a long-lasting fixture in the web3 gaming scene!


Illuvium plans to hit their open beta milestone this year, potentially sometime this summer. But before then, there will be a private beta in May, with signups open in the last two weeks of April. This upcoming beta will feature the full gameplay loop.

And while the previous releases of Illuvium Overworld looked nice and were very playable, the playerbase was not overly enthused about the gameplay. This new beta release not only updates the Overworld game, but it also brings all three of the Illuvium apps together and includes integration of the Immutable Passport, asset minting, trading on the Illuvidex, and more!

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Participants in this beta test (across all three games) will be eligible for airdrops of ILV tokens. So get ready to register starting on April 15th!

And that’s not all…

There is plenty more happening in the web3 space throughout April. These are just a few of the games we’ll be watching and covering. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our website regularly to keep up with all of the latest web3 gaming news!

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