BridgeM partners with Dmail Network’s SubHub New dimension of cross-chain connectivity between Manta and Bitcoin

Dmail Network has entered into a partnership with BridgeM, the very best cross chain bridge to connect the Bitcoin and Inscription ecosystems with Manta. It offers direct communication links between projects and subscribers through secure wallets and DIDs linked to the Dmail app.

BridgeM joins the big league of Dmail Subscription Hub with this strategic partnership, and it is a breakthrough in enhancing cross chain liquidity. Dmail Network has set a unique standard for blockchain communication with approximately nine million users and 160 million message transactions.

The Subscription Hub, shortened as SubHub, is vital in enhancing user engagement within the blockchain community. BridgeM serves as the perfect gateway between Manta and Bitcoin ecosystems. The BridgeM symbolizes cross chain innovation, portraying a bridge between Bitcoin and Inscription ecosystems through Manta Network.

The effective transfer of BRC20, ARC20, fungible token and non fungible token can be facilitated by this cross chain liquidity protocol. BridgeM opens up infinite possibilities for asset diversification and ecosystem energy by combining Manta and Bitcoin.

The association between BridgeM and Dmail Network’s SubHub is a partnership that fuels mutual system engagement. It is believed that the collaboration between Dmail Network and BridgeM will revolutionize asset transfer ways and management across chains. This collaboration is a testimony to Dmail’s commitment to creating innovative blockchain projects. It is an indicator of BridgeM’s key role in bridging the gap between Manta and Bitcoin. The partnership between BridgeM and Dmail Network’s SubHub guarantees a more interconnected and fluid blockchain environment. Efficient and secure management of assets is the ultimate result of the collaboration between BridgeM and Dmail Network.

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BridgeM is more relevant today as a groundbreaking cross chain bridge, and both BridgeM and Dmail Network have redefined blockchain interoperability and asset liquidity. A connected and dynamic blockchain ecosystem is the byproduct of the association between BridgeM and Dmail Network. Dmail is an artificial intelligence-backed decentralized communication network whose objective is to provide encrypted emails and targeted marketing coupled with unified notifications. Subscription Hub has been elevated to become the cornerstone of Web3 communication. The most attractive benefit of Dmail Network’s Subscription Hub is that it connects Web3 businesses and users in a seamless manner.

Dmail Network’s Subscription Hub is power-packed with a comprehensive identity system, robust notification system, customizable points system, and business card functionality. The Dmail Network is a market leader in Web3 communication solutions, and it presents a new paradigm for user-developer interaction. Subscription Hub, introduced by Dmail Network, features a state-of-the-art Web3 communication infrastructure.

Advanced user profiling is another majestic feature of Subscription Hub that lets developers send personalized and relevant notifications. A customizable points system has been used by the Subscription Hub to function as a feature-rich tool for user acquisitions. The customizable points system in the Subscription Hub is helpful in boosting engagement and loyalty. The Subscription Hub is rocking just after three months of launching with over five million subscribers.

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