MEXC Exchange Lists GRAM Token Opening Doors to TON Blockchain Investors

MEXC, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the listing of the GRAM token from the TON ecosystem. GRAM is often referred to as the “Bitcoin for Telegram” within the community, and its price has skyrocketed by 28,000 times since its launch in January.

The spot trading pair GRAM/USDT is now available on MEXC, following rumors of the listing circulating in the project’s Telegram channel. Users have noticed significant transfers of GRAM, with over a million tokens being sent to wallets on MEXC and OKX, another major cryptocurrency exchange.

With a daily trading volume exceeding $2 billion and 2,677 trading pairs on both the spot and futures market, MEXC has established itself as a key player in the crypto industry, as reported by CoinGecko.

GRAM is a token launched by a group of enthusiastic developers on The Open Network blockchain. The coin gained immediate attention from users due to its mining capabilities, becoming the first PoW (Proof of Work) token within the TON ecosystem that can be mined using graphics cards. Similar to Bitcoin, miners of GRAM receive rewards for solving computational tasks. The total supply of GRAM is limited to 5,000,000,000 coins, with 1,750,000,000 GRAM already mined as of March 28th.

Within the first day of its launch, the number of GRAM users reached 1,500, surpassing 30,000 by mid-March. The price of GRAM has surged by 28,000 times since its launch, rising from $0.00000107 to $0.03 by the end of March.

“I could never have imagined that GRAM, which I launched as an experiment, would create such a buzz and capture the attention of the entire TON community, ultimately becoming the most decentralized coin on TON with equal distribution,” wrote one of the GRAM creators, developer Oleg Oskolskiy.

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Within the GRAM community, it is often referred to as the new Bitcoin due to its high level of decentralization. GRAM has no pre-mine or reserve for the project team or major investors. All tokens are mined and evenly distributed among users.

“GRAM has a creator, but no owner, no tokenomics or roadmap, and each member of the community decides what GRAM means to them. We are all interested observers with equal opportunities,” wrote one of the GRAM creators.

Previously, GRAM received support from decentralized exchanges operating within the TON ecosystem, including the largest AMM DEX, Ton.Diamonds, DEX DeDust, as well as the P2P section of CryptoBot in Telegram. Taking into account the huge technical and investment potential, as well as the target audience of 800 million Telegram users, the GRAM community is looking forward to more listings on major exchanges soon after its successful listing on MEXC. Rumors of this are backed up by the fact that there have been transactions involving over one million GRAM tokens sent to accounts on both MEXC and OKX.

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