SubQuery Empowers Bitcoin Layer 2 Development on BVM Network

In a significant development, SubQuery, a leading player in the blockchain data indexing space, announced that it will support developers developing on the Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) network. BVM is an innovative modular Layer 2 (L2) metaprotocol. Moreover, it simplifies Bitcoin L2 blockchain creation for coders. Earlier, SubQuery announced support for Stargaze to elevate the NFT trading experience for their users.

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— SubQuery (@SubQueryNetwork) March 28, 2024

Enhanced Indexing with SubQuery Accelerates Blockchain Growth

Adding SubQuery to the BVM network will give developers powerful indexing abilities to manage and query on-chain data. Interestingly, this enhancement will speed up development. Additionally, it will help add the next billion individuals to the blockchain.

In addition to all the above capabilities, SubQuery’s versatile, quick, open, and decentralized data indexing solution helps BVM developers manage and analyze on-chain data for protocols and apps. To facilitate blockchain developers, this integration gives them the tools they need to build powerful, Bitcoin-scalable systems.

SubQuery simplifies backend duties for writers, which is good news for them. By providing a customized API, SubQuery allows developers to focus on product development and user experience rather than indexing solutions.

SubQuery CEO Sam Zou Affirms Commitment to Empowering Coders

This addition of SubQuery to the BVM platform has pleased Bayc who is Head of Business Development. In this regard, he underlined that adding SubQuery to the platform gives builders faster and easier data access. This is just one of the many anticipated advantages.

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SubQuery continues to provide writers with a complete and successful indexing experience. Additionally, SubQuery’s enterprise-level managed service now supports BVM. It also has an open-source SDK, tools, manuals, and developer support. For a better user experience, this enterprise-level infrastructure hosting processes hundreds of millions of requests daily. In addition to this, it ensures quick and reliable service for BVM network developers.

Sam Zou, SubQuery’s founder and CEO, highlighted the company’s dedication to helping coders. Furthermore, they want to help developers and the community push the limits of the Bitcoin blockchain with advanced APIs and tools. In this context, they enable development and innovation across the Web3 ecosystem to reach universal adoption, said Zou.

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