Ronin Guild Partners with to Revolutionize Decentralized Communities

In the landscape of decentralized communities, Ronin Guild is one of the major players who has just partnered with The platform is rightfully considered revolutionary in the formation and development of guilds because on-and-off chain. Moreover, this seamless connection makes linking social accounts, crypto wallets, and communities easier than ever.

Welcome to Ronin, @guildxyz!

The journey towards a Ronin-based reputation-score has begun ⚔️

• Join and create guilds on Ronin – no coding required
• Earn and/or distribute rewards based on off-chain and on-chain requirements
• Bronze, Silver, and Gold membership benefits…

— Ronin (@Ronin_Network) March 29, 2024

Ronin Guild on to Boost Community-Driven Projects

This new collaboration between Ronin Guild and is driving decentralization. The integration allows Ronin’s builders to offer token-gated unique opportunities to active community members. It changes everything and fosters Ronin ecosystem community-driven projects. Similarly, the establishment of Guild as a Discord bot signified the start of an extraordinary journey.

By making Ethereum wallet connections simple, Guild has grown into a decentralized powerhouse and extended to Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Google Workspace, and GitHub. It’s all a lot easier now that Ronin is on the mission to allow builders to create guilds that satisfy community requirements.

In addition to this, information like this allows Guild builders to make intelligent choices about community satisfaction and rewards. This week saw the launch of Ronin Guild’s presence on, laying the foundation for a trust framework within the Ronin ecosystem. The Ronin Guild’s goal of a Ronin reputation score by doing anything new is gradually taking shape. On-chain documents, holdings, and verification methods have led to the development of four tiers of membership in the Ronin Guild, ranging from Bronze to Mystic.

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Ronin’s Journey Continues Without Slowdown

As the year unfolds, Ronin is off to a roaring start, showcasing the enthusiasm and energy of its ecosystem. Strong partnerships have allowed for a broad range of community hobbies-based initiatives. The second Pixels airdrops, Wild Forest’s public mint, which sold out in seven minutes, Apeiron’s $70M+ wRON token sale, and Kaidro’s maiden NFT mint on Mavis Market of 340,000 Journal NFTs are notable achievements in the market.

Lastly, these achievements indicate that Ronin’s surrounding is getting more robust and are the first of many to come. Ronin and its partners are always eager to explore new lands that open infinite opportunities. Additionally, they have a firm sense of purpose. Since the journey began, the Ronin has shown no sign of slowing down.

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