IdeaSoft and INTMAX Team Up to Launch Perpetual DEX on Plasma Next

In an exciting development for the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), INTMAX, the pioneering force behind Plasma Next—an advanced Ethereum scalability platform—has joined forces with IdeaSoft, a key player within the Sigma Software Group known for its innovative blockchain fintech solutions. Together, they’re set to revolutionize the DeFi landscape with the introduction of JIBx, a perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Plasma Next framework.

Plasma Next, an evolution of the Plasma scalability solution originally proposed by Ethereum luminaries Joseph Poon and Vitalik Buterin, represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology. By employing zero-knowledge proofs and eliminating the need for constant online monitoring and individual liquidity preparations, Plasma Next tackles the long-standing challenges of scalability and statelessness head-on. This innovation paves the way for virtually fee-less nano-transactions, making Ethereum more accessible and efficient for users worldwide.

JIBx stands out as a monumental leap forward in the DeFi space. This perpetual DEX promises to deliver unparalleled efficiency and security by leveraging the full potential of Plasma Next. With features like zero transaction fees, restaking capabilities, and leverage of up to 250X, JIBx is not just a trading platform but a comprehensive ecosystem for digital finance. Its unique on-chain matching engine, complemented by off-chain private settlement and account layers, ensures that users enjoy the best of both worlds—Ethereum’s robust security and Plasma Next’s exceptional scalability and low costs.

A Pivotal Moment for DeFi

The partnership between INTMAX and IdeaSoft is not just a technical collaboration but a fusion of visions. IdeaSoft brings to the table its extensive expertise in Web3 development and blockchain technology, honed over years of creating cutting-edge solutions across various sectors. INTMAX, with its revolutionary Plasma Next technology, offers the infrastructure needed to realize these ambitious projects. One of the most notable aspects of JIBx is its use of a perpetual on-chain limit order book, which utilizes black-red tree sorting for efficiency.

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This innovative approach allows JIBx to achieve transaction speeds and costs that set new standards in the DEX domain, rivaling even the most advanced centralized trading platforms while maintaining the ethos of decentralization. In addition to offering near-zero transaction fees and high leverage options, JIBx introduces several novel features aimed at enhancing user experience and financial efficiency. These include an efficient funding rates model, bootstrapped re-staking, and dedicated staking pools for stablecoins and LST-based assets. Such features not only promote liquidity and trading efficiency but also align closely with the platform’s goal of democratizing finance.

The development of JIBx is a testament to the commitment of both INTMAX and IdeaSoft to innovation, open-source development, and the broader goal of making decentralized finance more accessible and efficient. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the DeFi landscape, promising to redefine blockchain scalability and privacy for a new era of digital finance. IdeaSoft’s track record of over 250 successfully delivered projects, combined with its expertise in blockchain, CeFi, DeFi, and various fintech applications, makes it an ideal partner for this ambitious project.

Together with INTMAX’s groundbreaking Plasma Next technology, the two companies are set to create a DEX that not only meets the current demands of the crypto trading community but also sets new benchmarks for innovation and user experience in the blockchain space. As the digital finance landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like that of IdeaSoft and INTMAX serve as beacons of progress, showcasing the transformative potential of blockchain technology. The launch of JIBx is eagerly anticipated by the crypto community, heralding a new chapter in the democratization and innovation of finance.

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