CPIC IMHK and MAP Protocol join forces for Bitcoin innovation

A notable case for the two main sectors – finance and technology – arises as CPIC Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited (CPIC IMHK), a company owned by China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. (CPIC), has staked the job as an investment adviser of MAPO Labs, the latter being the founders of the MAP Protocol. This partnership is in a takeoff position, whereby it will combine the fields of the traditional financial sector with the latest blockchain technology.

CPIC-IMHK brings to the table its extensive experience in financial investment to facilitate the efforts of MAPO Labs companies within the real-world assets domain and an even wider WEB3 space.

CPIC IMHK, as a Hong Kong-based company, is no stranger to the securities market as it is a holder of licenses for securities trading, advising, and asset management granted by the Hong Kong Securities and Future Commission. A landmark event of this company was when it was granted permission in September 2023 to extend its Securities Trading license and Advisory license for Virtual Assets, which evidenced its revolutionary mindset and broad perspective on diversifying investments.

The scope of its expertise extends beyond fixed income, equity, and alternative instruments, with special emphasis on the fusion of a traditional financial basis and widely growing digital asset contracts. Through its foray into Real-World Assets, CPIC IMHK is helping to narrow the divides between the traditional finance world and the digital arena, where the industry is struggling with asset quality, security, and liquidity, working closely with key players in the blockchain ecosystem to close these gaps.

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MAPO Labs, founded in 2019, has been the leader in the blockchain sphere with its MAP Protocol, a widely used Bitcoin Layer-2 solution that provides a platform for cross-chain interoperability. MAP Protocol uses the Bitcoin security framework extensively for unified digital assets and users that operate using public blockchain networks with the Bitcoin network. The introduction of a new security level achieves the BRC20 cross-chain functionality.

One of the core elements of MAPO’s strategy lies in aligning its protocol with RWAs, which makes it possible to connect this protocol to financial instruments worth trillions of dollars. The involvement of traditional financial players such as CPIC IMHK will make their integration and roll-out of the RWA ecosystem considerably faster, making it a decisive step towards blending digital and traditional financial systems.

This cooperation of CPIC IMHK with MAPO Labs will serve as an excellent example of joint efforts in the digital blockchain sphere and the traditional business of fiat money. CPIC IMHK combines its successful investments with MAPO Labs’ technological expertise on RWAs.

Hence, this collaboration is poised to accelerate the growth of the WEB3 environment by creating new avenues for reliable flow of information and integration of real-world assets in the virtual world domain. With these two giants of finance and technology working together, they will keep a keen eye on how the partnership will result in innovative solutions that will become the vanguard in digital asset management and blockchain.

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