Get BAWK in Chicken Derby Token Presale

The time has come for the pre-sale for BAWK token, the soon to be released token that will be the foundation of the Chicken Derby economy moving forward. Those with Chicken Derby chicken NFTs will have priority access, though the public will also have chance to snag some tokens.

Another web3 gaming token release is nearly upon us. This one is for Chicken Derby, a chicken racing game featuring cosmetics, breeding, and mutating! Their BAWK token, the main game currency for both in-game actions and out of game utility, opens up for pre-sale tomorrow, March 27th, at 11am CST.

Those who own Chicken NFTs or have a Golden Ticket (won through various giveaways), have priority access, with options of purchasing one lot per held item. Each lot translates into 30,000 BAWK tokens and will cost $100 in ETH.

Holders can check their status and participate when the sale opens at Holders may also have a few, limited invite codes they can share with their friends.

Those without priority access may still have a chance to grab open lots during the public sale. This will be a lottery however, with the winners randomly selected once the public sale closes. Those who win will receive their BAWK tokens, while those were not selected will be able to reclaim their deposited ETH. Note for those trying to grab a lot during the public sale, purchases in the first hour get a 9.5x bonus chance!

A total of 20,000 lots are available, totaling 600 million BAWK – or about 30% of the total supply. This will be the ONLY time that BAWK will be sold by Final Boss Games (the company behind Chicken Derby). The rest will be reserved for racing rewards, staking rewards, and tournaments. We don’t have an official date for the token launch yet.

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Token sales have been pretty hot for web3 gaming this year. Will Chicken Derby continue this trend? We shall soon see!

What is Chicken Derby?

Chicken Derby is a chicken racing simulation built on the Polygon network. Each Chicken is a unique NFT that can be entered into races for paid prizes.

Chickens come in four Heritages — Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder, and Dorkling, in order of rarity. In addition, there are a number of random cosmetic traits for each Chicken. Ranging from standard white feathers to tiger patterns to robot chickens! Every Chicken also has a special Talent that can trigger during races. This can be something as simple as a short flight, or as extreme as creating a black hole!

Chickens have Perfection ratings, which affect their race performances. But other factors affect who wins the race. Each Chicken also has hidden preferences for track distance and type as well as a Consistency rating. Players must discover these hidden preferences on their own.

With seven different terrain types, six different track lengths, and twelve Chickens per race, each with their own preferences, abilities, and racing styles, Chicken Derby features enough variation to ensure that the race outcomes won’t be predetermined. There are also a number of ‘Easter Egg’ type bonuses that the team adds to the official documentation once the community figures it out. For example, Chickens with Alien Eyes get a boost to their Teleport ability (if they have it). Chicken owners can dress up their Chickens with a growing number of cosmetic items.

Owners with two many chickens can also fuse them, creating a hybrid with potentially unique traits! Additional features planned include breeding, a social hub, and land ownership.

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To learn more about Chicken Derby visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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