Arbitrum, Azuki launch web3 network for anime fans

Arbitrum Foundation is collaborating with popular NFT brand Azuki to develop a web3 network for anime enthusiasts. 

The initiative will cover various anime-related content from original and third-party sources, including games, merchandise, and NFTs for a venture called AnimeChain.

Azuki CEO Zagabond emphasized on social media that AnimeChain will provide a new way to create and consume anime products. So far, anime fans haven’t been able to enjoy a seamless experience in web3, as most anime-focused projects on web3 have been fragmented. According to the Azuki CEO, AnimeChain will take advantage of Arbitrum’s more expansive scalability.

The Arbitrum Foundation announced earlier in March that it would allocate 200 million ARB, valued at $344 million, to support gaming ventures on its blockchain for the next two years. Additionally, Arbitrum revealed in February its decision to fund a feature film by Shane Boris, an Oscar-winning producer.

Arbitrum’s TVL reached over $3 billion this year, according to DefiLlama. The ARB token reached its all-time high in January and has declined nearly 30% since due to wider liquidation. 

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