$190,000 in prizes for AI and blockchain integration

Yesterday, Amazon announced an initiative that offers a total of $190,000 in prizes for the integration of AI and blockchain.

The initiative is by Unstoppable Domains and also involves Amazon Web Services.

Get ready!

We’re teaming up with @awscloud to host a Web3 and AI Hackathon on @devpost

$190,000 is up for grabs in UD and AWS Activate credits for blockchain and AI app developers leveraging Amazon’s Kendra AI, Unstoppable’s Resolution, and Partner APIs. 🧵 pic.twitter.com/80YEzgj0xA

— unstoppable.austin (@unstoppableweb) March 25, 2024

Amazon’s involvement in blockchain and AI technology

Amazon has not made any public announcement about this initiative, neither on its main channels nor on those of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

However, Unstoppable Domains claims that it is an initiative organized by them in partnership with AWS.

In fact, the rewards will be distributed in UD credits and AWS Activate.

I AWS Activate credits are official AWS credits that help startups reduce costs and increase speed to market.

So it seems that Amazon Web Services is actually involved in the Unstoppable Domains initiative, since AWS Activate credits are issued directly by AWS.

Around it AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is the division of Amazon that provides cloud services and hosting to many websites and online operators. For example, it appears that many Ethereum nodes are hosted on AWS servers.

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AWS also offers blockchain-related services for several years, so much so that their official website even has a dedicated section for this technology.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains instead is a company founded in 2018 to offer Web3 domains based on blockchain.

These blockchain domains provide their owners with full ownership and control over digital identities, and have no renewal costs.

Furthermore, they allow users to replace complex wallet addresses with easily readable, understandable, and memorable names to facilitate interactions across a wide range of apps, wallets, and platforms.

Among all the unstoppable domains, the most famous ones are definitely the .eth.

Amazon: The hackathon for the integration of AI and blockchain

The initiative by Unstoppable Domains in partnership with AWS is actually a hackathon.

Its goal is to leverage the collaborative power of AWS cloud computing capabilities and Unstoppable Domains’ blockchain-based digital identity solutions to encourage developers to create innovative web3 and AI applications that harness the security and transparency of the blockchain, while exploring the potential of Web3 digital identity.

Participants who create new applications will have access to the range of AWS cloud services and Unstoppable Domains APIs.

The global virtual hackathon for Web3 developers will be hosted on Devpost.com.

The event will highlight the integration of the AWS artificial intelligence stack, the UD resolution API, and the UD partner API to enhance the utility of Web3 domains and AWS cloud services.

The hackathon will be judged by thought leaders from Unstoppable Domains and AWS with a wide range of expertise in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing.

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The event also includes virtual workshops that will provide technical insights and question and answer sessions to support developers during the hackathon.

The awards

The prizes will be distributed with a mix of UD credits and AWS Activate credits.

The winners will be guaranteed access to premium resources to carry out their projects.

The projects, and therefore the prizes, of the hackathon are based on three distinct paths: tools based on artificial intelligence, problem solving and user experience, and digital identity.

For each path, the first place winner will receive $10,000 in AWS Activate credits, $18,000 in UD credits, and a prominent placement in the UD Marketplace, while the second place winner will receive $5,000 in AWS Activate credits, $10,000 in UD credits, and a prominent placement in the UD Marketplace.

The third place winner will be awarded with $5,000 in AWS Activate credits, $6,000 in UD credits, and a featured spot in the UD Marketplace.

Furthermore, each participating team that meets the criteria of the hackathon and qualifies for the AWS Activate Founder credits package will receive $1,000 in UD credits.

Unstoppable Domains invites developers passionate about artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Web3 technologies to participate in this hackathon and explore the possibilities at the intersection of these fields.

The comment

The COO of Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, stated:

“It is exciting to collaborate with AWS Startup and Devpost to encourage and promote innovation to create a bridge between Web3 technologies. We look forward to seeing what developers will be able to build and bring to life at the hackathon.”

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