SubQuery Supports Soroban to Advance Stellar’s Smart Contract Network

SubQuery, a prominent data indexer in the blockchain space, has recently announced its support for Soroban. It is the smart contract network built on Stellar’s mainnet. This integration marks a significant milestone for developers and participants within the Stellar ecosystem. Moreover, it opens up new avenues for accessing and utilizing on-chain data stored on Soroban. Last week, SubQuery announced its support for Iotex.

🎉 SubQuery support for the Stellar mainnet Soroban is LIVE!

Check out our example projects and fresh docs to dive into mainnet examples.

Huge congrats on the launch, @StellarOrg! 🚀

Read here 👇

— SubQuery (@SubQueryNetwork) March 21, 2024

Soroban Boosts Blockchain Innovation with SubQuery Integration

Based on Stellar and Rust, Soroban is a flexible smart contract platform. Developers can easily access Stellar network assets and use global on/off ramps, improving network capabilities. By connecting to SubQuery’s advanced data indexing technology, Soroban becomes more flexible and user-friendly, enabling blockchain innovation.

SubQuery supports Soroban beyond compatibility. The platform provides an open-source SDK, documentation, and developer support to make indexing easy for developers. SubQuery also offers an enterprise-level managed service that handles large requests reliably and scalably. This strengthens Soroban-based application infrastructure.

The fact that SubQuery offers Soroban shows its commitment to providing developers with powerful indexing tools. SubQuery’s fast and flexible indexing service gives Soroban developers access to advanced APIs and tools. This allows them create Stellar blockchain apps and services.

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SubQuery’s Developer-Friendly Approach Simplifies Smart Contract Creation

SubQuery’s developer-friendliness and ease of use are its strengths. The platform simplifies smart contract and dApp API creation, allowing developers to quickly access indexed data. By calling external APIs and including external libraries in mapping functions, SubQuery gives developers more flexibility.

Another benefit of SubQuery’s indexing service is its speed. Due to indexing millions of ledgers, SubQuery optimizes and multi-threads to reduce synchronization times. This allows developers to make changes and release new features faster, which helps the Stellar ecosystem grow and improve.

The platform offers a SubQuery and Soroban tutorial for developers. This complete guide helps developers install and use SubQuery’s Stellar indexer. Indexing Soroban transfers and tracking account payments are important tasks. Developers who want to maximize SubQuery’s features will find the tutorial’s examples and advice helpful.

Ultimately, SubQuery supporting Soroban on Stellar’s mainnet advances blockchain. SubQuery integration gives Soroban powerful indexing tools and infrastructure. Developers can expand Stellar ecosystem possibilities and innovate. As blockchain evolves, partnerships like this will help improve and simplify decentralized technologies.

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