Orbs’ Liquidity Hub Expands to Polygon zkEVM with Quickswap Integration

After integrating with Quickswap, Layer 3 blockchain Orbs has announced that their Liquidity Hub has extended to include Polygon zkEVM. With this change, traders using Quickswap will have access to liquidity obtained via Polygon zkEVM.

Onchain traders will benefit from deeper liquidity thanks to the integration of Orbs Liquidity Hub with Quickswap, which will enable them to complete swaps with less slippage. In addition, the Liquidity Hub will provide a simplified user interface, protection against Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), decreased transaction costs, and gas-free transaction executions for Polygon zkEVM users.

The Liquidity Hub gives DEXs access to CEX-level liquidity by providing a blend of off-chain and on-chain liquidity sources, making for the best possible user experience. The Liquidity Hub, developed by layer 3 blockchain Orbs, is completely decentralized and composable. Because of this, it may be integrated into networks and protocols used by other parties.

Perched atop the AMM it is connected with, the Liquidity Hub functions as layer 3 infrastructure. Users are no longer limited by the liquidity that a certain DEX can provide as a consequence. Third-party solvers that compete to fill swaps utilizing onchain liquidity, such as AMM pools or their own private inventory, are among the new liquidity sources added by The Hub.

The goal of Orbs Liquidity Hub is to negotiate the best price. The transaction will revert to the AMM contract and proceed normally if the Hub is unable to complete the deal at a lower price than the AMM. The end user, who can be guaranteed of getting the best deal inside the familiar user interface of the AMM, is the one who is abstracted from this process.

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Orbs Liquidity Hub’s integration with Quickswap on Polygon zkEVM comes after Quickswap on Polygon and THENA on BNB Chain’s respective integrations. For EVM networks, the Liquidity Hub offers essential infrastructure that enables liquidity to be promptly channeled where it is required, improving user experience and cost.

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