VeChain Hackathon at University of Cambridge: Winners Unveiled, Driving Sustainability

VeChain, a prominent L1 public blockchain platform, has unveiled the winners of its recent hackathon held at the University of Cambridge.

The event, organized in collaboration with Web3 educational app EasyA and supported by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), aimed to foster the development of VeChain’s VeBetterDAO ecosystem. Over 50 projects were presented during the hackathon, showcasing innovative applications leveraging blockchain technology.

All winners were awarded a portion of the $30,000 prize fund and the opportunity to access additional funding. Projects were evaluated by a panel of industry experts, including Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner from BCG, based on their ability to address sustainability challenges and leverage the $B3TR token effectively.

Hackathon Winners

Meatless: Developed by an ex-Amazon engineer and a computer scientist from the University of Cambridge, Meatless incentivizes sustainable food choices. It rewards users with $B3TR tokens for purchasing sustainable food products. This initiative aims to combat unsustainable food production practices while indirectly subsidizing food manufacturers and enabling sponsors to have a direct impact.
EcoNex: EcoNex promotes eco-friendly commuting by incentivizing sustainable travel activities. Commuters are rewarded with $B3TR tokens for opting for eco-friendly transportation methods. The application addresses urban congestion and its associated challenges, such as higher commute times, excessive fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. Leveraging the VeChainThor blockchain, EcoNex provides real-time tracking and validation of eco-friendly transportation behaviors.
LogiQ: LogiQ is a marketplace aimed at minimizing deadheading in traditional road logistics services. It facilitates the efficient sharing of freight space among commercial trucks, thereby reducing inefficiencies and promoting sustainability in the transport sector.

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“The developers who participated in our hackathon should be proud of their contributions to the VeBetterDAO ecosystem — in a sense, they are responsible for spurring its development by finding ways to make sustainability a part of our daily activities,” said Antonio Senatore, CTO of VeChain.

“The innovation we witnessed over the weekend provided a window into the future, one in which individuals and enterprises are incentivized to act sustainably in any given sector — be it hospitality, freight shipping, health, or other — making the world a better place.”

“Our industry-focus of the BCG track helped to create more targeted solutions to issues existing within it,” commented Bernhard Kronfellner. “The results were impressive, showcasing how strategic thinking and creativity can coalesce into viable, real world solutions, powered by blockchain.
“This is just a taste of what the world will look like in a few years from now, once the enterprise world has fully embraced the technology and all of its benefits.”

Bernhard Kronfellner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
The hackathon marks the beginning of VeChain’s commitment to advancing sustainable enterprise applications through its VeBetterDAO ecosystem. The collaboration with EasyA and BCG underscores VeChain’s dedication to empowering developers and fostering innovation in the blockchain space.

About VeChain

VeChain is a leading enterprise-grade L1 public blockchain platform dedicated to fostering global positive impact through its VeBetterDAO ecosystem and strategic partnerships with major enterprises.

About EasyA

EasyA is a Web3 educational app founded by former Cambridge University and Wharton School alumni. With a large community of developers and partnerships with blockchain clubs worldwide, EasyA revolutionizes learning through technology.

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About Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

BCG is a global consulting firm that provides expert advice to businesses and organizations across various industries. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, BCG supports initiatives like the VeChain hackathon to drive positive change through technology.

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