SubQuery Teams Up with Stargaze to Enhance NFT Marketplace Experience

SubQuery, a leading data indexing solutions provider, has announced an exciting partnership with Stargaze. Stargaze is a fully decentralized NFT marketplace within the Cosmos ecosystem. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the NFT experience by leveraging SubQuery’s advanced indexing capabilities. Earlier, SubQuery announced support for Soroban.

Excited to share our partnership with @StargazeZone, a cutting-edge NFT marketplace on @cosmos ✨

Experience boundless possibilities with our cutting-edge data querying features. Build the next trending DApp with us today! 🔍🛠️

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— SubQuery (@SubQueryNetwork) March 22, 2024

Stargaze’s Commitment to NFT Innovation and Community Empowerment

At the heart of Stargaze lies a commitment to decentralization and community ownership. The platform empowers creators to launch permissionless NFT collections effortlessly, without the need for extensive coding. Built on its blockchain with its native token, Stargaze offers unparalleled freedom and independence from external influences.

SubQuery’s innovative data indexing solution provides developers with the essential tools to organize and query on-chain data seamlessly. By abstracting the backend complexities, SubQuery allows developers to focus on product development and user experience, rather than building their own indexing solutions from scratch.

Tasio Victoria, Staff Engineer at Stargaze, expressed enthusiasm for SubQuery, praising its flexibility and developer-friendly approach. Victoria highlighted SubQuery’s crucial role in enhancing their application’s data indexing capabilities and affirmed their commitment to continued collaboration.

Marta Adamczyk, Technology Evangelist at SubQuery, emphasized the company’s dedication to redefining the developer experience. Adamczyk underscored SubQuery’s lightning-fast and open indexing solution, designed to elevate the DevEX for web3 innovators within the Stargaze ecosystem.

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SubQuery’s Vision for Decentralized Data Indexing and the Stargaze Ecosystem

Developers within the Stargaze network will benefit from SubQuery’s superior indexing experience. Moreover, Stargaze participants can utilize SubQuery’s managed service to efficiently manage their projects and implement updates as needed.

SubQuery’s broader vision extends beyond individual partnerships, aiming to decentralize and tokenize the protocol through the SubQuery Network. This network will index and service data from various projects to the global community in a verifiable and incentivized manner.

Stargaze, as a fully decentralized NFT marketplace within the Cosmos ecosystem, utilizes the IBC protocol for interoperability with other Cosmos-based networks. With features like the NFT Launchpad, marketplace, governance, and staking, Stargaze offers a comprehensive ecosystem for NFT enthusiasts and creators.

SubQuery Network continues to innovate web3 infrastructure, empowering builders to shape a decentralized future. With a commitment to inclusivity and decentralization, SubQuery invites visionaries and forward-thinkers to join the movement towards a user-focused web3 era. Together, SubQuery and Stargaze are poised to redefine the NFT marketplace experience, driving innovation and accessibility in the blockchain ecosystem.

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