Netmarble and The Sandbox launch Meta World My City NFT collection

Netmarble, the preeminent mobile gaming company in South Korea, has just unveiled the <Meta World: My City> NFT collection, its latest foray into the realm of digital collectibles. This innovative partnership with The Sandbox, which was officially published on The Sandbox Marketplace on March 14 at 08:00 UTC, has received considerable acclaim and ensured collectors and fans alike are well-informed.

Netmarble’s <Meta World: My City> follows the success of <Everybody’s Marble>, a mobile adaption of the traditional board game themed around real estate that enthralled over 200 million users internationally. This current version improves on its predecessor and even goes so far as to provide players with more realistic real estate assets, which are the game’s primary focus on The Sandbox Metaverse. A player is presented with a large game landscape on which they can build structures, converse with other NPCs, and complete various quests to keep themselves entertained.

The NFT collection <Meta World: My City> will feature many individuals and goods, each with its own story and value. The tiers start with the two most rare, Legendary and Epic, then progress to Rare, Uncommon, and Common.

Dennis, the CEO of Meta World, is one of the most interesting characters. He appears to be a very successful man. His exceptional strategic ability and extensive experience in speculating and real estate gaming stand out. The narrative also depicts a younger Dennis, revealing his incredible mathematics skill since boyhood while demonstrating his complex character flaws.

Seulgi, a well-known character, has demonstrated impressive real estate management skills in Meta World. She is a well-known personality for her in-depth thinking and exceptional analytical abilities. The audience also encounters a small-sized Little Seulgi, who has a great ability for math and does everything correctly, in contrast to Dennis’ misconduct.

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Aside from that, artifacts such as Leonardo’s unique magic backpack and Beatrice’s flower-adorned witch hat, as well as items from Dennis and Seulgi’s childhoods, such as toy swords, rabbit bags, and superhero suits, appear. With the addition of each new item to a collection, not only does the backstory of the characters become more detailed, but the virtual environment also gains a touch of visual refinement.

The collection also includes familiar items that capture the spirit of “Meta World: My City,” such as miniature replicas of city landmarks, giant games that resemble extended family gatherings, Dennis’s incredible golden globe collection, Baedal Choi’s fast motorbikes, and Jenny and Frank.

The history and accomplishments of “Everybody’s Marble” are not the only subjects of this unique NFT assortment. Nevertheless, this serves as an initial stride towards The Sandbox platform, a novel realm of digital collectibles and gaming. By allowing players and admirers to own a portion of the expansive and cutting-edge virtual universe, this virtual world signifies a significant turning point in the development of Netmarble’s virtual real estate, games, and NFTs.

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