MeaWallet Introduces Mea Card Gateway for Secure Payments Worldwide

MeaWallet, a known figure in digital payments facilitation specializing in card tokenization, has unveiled its latest innovation: the global Mea Card Gateway. This platform is designed to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive payment card data, serving as a crucial intermediary between MeaWallet customers, payment processors, and service providers.

Targeted at a diverse array of entities including issuers, fintechs, online merchants, financial institutions, and payment service providers, the Mea Card Gateway addresses the critical challenge of securely managing payment card data without necessitating customers to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance themselves. By establishing a seamless and secure connection, simplifies payment processing integration across various platforms, thereby reducing complexity and costs for businesses.

Unlike conventional solutions that merely comply with PCI standards, the Mea Card Gateway offers an array of unique functionalities. These include integration with existing push provisioning and card data solutions, handling diverse tokenization flows, and providing extensive data management capabilities.

Global Connectivity: Mea Card Gateway’s Wide Reach

With connectivity to over 150 issuers, fintechs, and 12 processors worldwide, alongside integration capabilities with major payment schemes, the Mea Card Gateway empowers organizations of all sizes, offering value-added services that were previously hindered by PCI DSS compliance constraints.

Partners of MeaWallet stand to reap substantial benefits from the Mea Card Gateway. These include reduced liability, decreased PCI compliance costs, seamless integration, and the opportunity to augment service offerings for their customers. End users, on the other hand, will enjoy enhanced security, participation in rewards programs, and the confidence of having their card data processed through a secure and compliant gateway.

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