Alipay+ D-Store Adopts Avalanche for Web3-Enabled Voucher Program

Alipay+ D-Store, a solution that provides a full-stack online tool for merchants, has adopted the Avalanche blockchain. According to a blog post on the Avalanche website, Alipay+ D-Store, through a partner in Southeast Asia, has introduced a Web3-enabled voucher program via a branded mini-game.

Avalanche highlighted that users who access the vouchers can earn up to 50% discounts on milk teas sold by ten popular milk tea brands at over 500 shops. It also noted that more than 2,000 other shops plan to join the program.

The newly launched voucher program is the first of a two-part proof-of-concept (POC) program. The second phase will focus on food and beverage merchants and expand the POC to over 100 million users. The implementation targets users from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Chinese nationals who visit these countries as tourists.

Notably, implementing the POC opens a new frontier for the Avalanche blockchain and is expected to attract more users into its ecosystem. It further introduces the use of blockchain-enabled solutions into the mainstream, and users consider such a crucial factor in the technology’s growth and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the Avalanche blockchain native crypto, AVAX, has maintained a healthy rally since the beginning of 2024. The blockchain token rose from $27.21 on January 23 and climbed to $65.38 as of March 18, marking a 140% rally in less than two months. AVAX retraced slightly following a wholesale pullback across the entire crypto market and traded for $51.90 at the time of writing, according to data from TradingView.

The novel blockchain’s team noted that the POC will allow brands like Alipay+ D-store to test Web3 solutions, including how they can help merchants foster new forms of interaction with users. It will also help them retain and generate new revenue streams.

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