Milady’s new meme coin presale attracts $18m in 2 hours

The NFT project Milady attracted 88,888 SOL at the presale of its new meme coin.

According to the Milady team, a meme coin on the Solana network, named Milady wif hat after the popular meme coin Solana Dogwifhat (WIF), has collected the maximum possible funding amount of 88,888 Solana (SOL) or $18 million at the current Solana price.

The presale round was closed a few hours after the start of sales.

“Any additional Solana raised will have 100% of their funds returned. Thank you all for the incredible support!”

Milady team

The presale was intended to last 24 hours with a minimum investment of 1 SOL and 100% unlock on token generation event (TGE), 25% of token supply.

On March 16, Charlotte Fang, founder of NFT projects Milady and Remilia, confirmed a security breach of treasury addresses, causing millions of dollars in damage. Fang stated that the hack affected all connected wallets and cited unknown malware that had penetrated her password manager as the reason.

Dumpster DAO specialists initially reported the incident. PeckShield experts noted that the suspicious transactions were preceded by the transfer of ownership of the treasury to the drainer.

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Before this, in September 2023, Fang reported the theft of about $1 million by the developers of the Milady NFT ecosystem and the hacking of the project’s social media accounts. Milady, Remilia, and Remilio Baby’s accounts were compromised along the way.

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