zkSync welcomes AI data warehouse as latest addition to hyperchain

Space and Time (SxT), a decentralized data warehouse that uses artificial intelligence to train its data models, will be launching its network on a zkSync hyperchain.

Blockchain networks often operate in silos, having limited interoperability with other chains. zkSync hyperchains offer a solution by providing an open-sourced framework specifically designed for zk rollups and layer-3 networks. This enables the creation of interconnected ecosystems through decentralized sequences that allow for more efficient transaction processing.

Moreover, hyperchains incorporate hyperbridges, which facilitate seamless asset and data transfers across different blockchains. By addressing interoperability challenges, zkSync hyperchains are able to streamline transactions, reduce fees and foster a more scalable blockchain ecosystem.

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SxT is used to aggregate and analyze blockchain data, which can then be sent back to smart contracts. The data platform will deploy as a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) verifiable compute layer (VCL), and ensure that accurate, verifiable and tamper-proof information is being funneled through to smart contracts and enterprises.

Vassilis Tziokas, the head of enterprise business development at Matter Labs, the infrastructure team behind zkSync, wrote in a press reviewed by Blockworks that SxT will be introducing to new novel ideas to zkSync, including “a decentralized data warehouse and the Proof of SQL protocol.”

This combination, Tziokas believes, will enable zero-knowledge verification queries to ensure that raw data and query results can not be manipulated.

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“We’re excited to partner with SxT and advance our shared vision of offering developers sophisticated, node=”[object Object]” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>zkEVM as our network’s dedicated settlement layer. zkSync is best-in-class in fulfilling the vision of trustless layer-2s, offering extremely fast and low-cost zk-proven transactions,” Scott Dykstra, co-founder and chief technology officer of SxT said in a statement.

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