Coinbase Announces to List Two New Altcoins in Futures

Coinbase International, the global version of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, announced in its statement that it will list two altcoins on its futures platform.

Coinbase International will list Stacks (STX) and StarkNet (STARK) altcoins in futures.

Trading pairs of the two altcoins will be opened on March 21 at 13:00 Turkey time.

Stakcs is known as a layer-2 altcoin that brings smart contracts to the Bitcoin network. According to the altcoin developers’ own statement, Stacks has full knowledge of Bitcoin and can read from Bitcoin at any time, thanks to the Proof of Transfer consensus and Clarity language.

According to the statement, all transactions in the Stacks layer are automatically hashed and finalized in Bitcoin layer-1. Stacks blocks are secured with 100% Bitcoin hashpower. To reorder stacks blocks/transactions an attacker would need to restructure Bitcoin.

However, StarkNet is known as a layer-2 solution for Ethereum. The project recently distributed STARK altcoins to its users via airdrop.

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