$WIF Dog Owner Selling Meme Photo as NFT— and Its Current Bid Is 6.9 ETH

In yet another sign that we are in the bull market’s silly season, the purported owner of the Dogwifhat ($WIF) dog has dropped an NFT on Foundation—and its current bid is 6.942 ETH.

The anonymous minter claims to be the owner of the dog, which they say is named Achi, born in 2018. The NFT is simply the now-famous image of the Shiba Inu, wearing a pale pink knitted cap, the main visual symbol of the $2.8 billion market cap Solana token.

“Achi, the most adorable dog in the world,” begins the description text for the auction, which closes on Monday, Mar. 18.

“Born on September 15, 2018, Achi’s charming personality quickly won over everyone around him. On November 17, 2018, Achi’s parents captured him in an endearing hat on camera. The photo of Achi wearing a small hat instantly took the internet by storm, and now it has captured the hearts of people around the globe as a meme called $wif. Share laughter and joy with Achi and cherish the precious memories,” it continues.

The drop is also linked to an Instagram account that claims to be from the dog’s owners.

In a post written in Korean and English, the account owner, ma_babezz, said, “Hello everyone, this is Achi‘s parents. We are thrilled to see that Achi’s childhood photos have been receiving so much love and attention from people all around the world. To further share Achi‘s story and spread the positive impact he brings, we have been exploring various ways to introduce Achi to a wider audience. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with the wonderful folks at Feisty DAO to work on a new project together. As a first step, we will be launching an NFT-based meme.”

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Achi, the dog wif hat.

Feisty DAO is a group of holders of the Feisty Doge NFT. They kicked off the auction by meeting its 5 ETH reserve, and the current top bid is by chowfun.eth.

While the Foundation auction is on Ethereum, the famous $WIF coin is on Solana and has a current price, as of this writing, of $2.86. It’s traded over $1.176 billion in volume in the last twenty-four hours, against the backdrop of a feverish Solana memecoin market—with BOME (Book of Meme) by artist @Darkfarms1 rising to a $650 million market cap within 24 hours.

$WIF will also have its day in the sun at the Las Vegas Sphere, the all-screen globe that features art and advertisements. A campaign spearheaded by Solana wallet Phantom raised $84k in 27 minutes, which will pay to display the adorable critter on the Sphere.

Another photo from the account has already inspired a secondary memecoin entitled Catwifbag ($BAG), which currently sits at a $34.3 million market cap at the time of publication.

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