Telos Foundation Starts Collaboration with Unizen DEX Aggregator

Telos, a Zero-Knowledge technology-driven L1 decentralized network that provides privacy and scalability, has partnered with Unizen. The collaboration between Telos and Unizen, a decentralized exchange aggregator that offers access to more than 20,000 assets, focuses on enhancing interoperability and promoting growth. Unizen now provides respective access to ten networks because Telos has joined it with the latest addition.

Telos partners with @unizen_io DEX aggregator.

Why Unizen? 🔍
Unizen offers a trade-splitting algorithm for efficient swaps & provides access to 20,000+ assets across now 10 networks, thanks to Telos joining as the latest addition.


— The Telos Foundation (@HelloTelos) March 12, 2024

Telos Integrates with DEX Aggregator Unizen to Foster Ecosystem Growth and Interoperability

On the official account of Telos Foundation on X, it expressed its enthusiasm regarding the collaboration. As included in the latest partnership, Telos users can stake ZCX tokens to get rewards in cryptocurrency. In addition to this, the users can also share profits that they obtain from diverse trades. In one of its recent posts, the firm clarified that ZCX coin has a direct link to its trade volume. Because of this, the token provides scarcity through the dual burn.

As per Telos, the inclusion of the respective features in the partnership exclusively deals with facilitating the users. It added that it is joining Unizen as the tenth of the networks to which it provides services. As a result of this development, the interoperability will improve along with the expansion of asset access.

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While providing more details about the partnership, Telos disclosed that the integration between the two entities elevates the status of Unizen. In this respect, the DEX leadership of the platform will likely experience a significant boost after this collaboration. Apart from that, this would spike the trade efficiency to ultimately attract more users. Moreover, the purpose of this endeavor is to offer a matchless user experience.

As included in the partnership, Telos focuses on providing consumers with cost-effective swaps. It moved on to say that the collaboration is healthy and beneficial for both companies. According to Telos, both ecosystems would get a huge boost from the respective development. Unizen’s cutting-edge trade-splitting algorithm permits it to outcompete the rest of the top aggregators.

The Endeavor Targets Benefiting Both Ecosystems via Systematic Improvements

It optimizes both interoperability and liquidity for cost-efficient and seamless cross-chain and single swaps. The growth of Unizen is credited to several factors, taking into account a remarkable and user-friendly interface. This makes it comparatively efficient and accessible. Telos claimed that the collaboration targets mutual ecosystem development to benefit both communities via systematic improvements, marketing efforts, and collaborations.

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