Play to Airdrop with Wild Forest

The Play to Airdrop concept still remains popular in web3 gaming. One of the latest to join this trend is Wild Forest, a real-time strategy game that plans to reward users for playing the game, owning Wild Forest NFTs, and engaging with the community and the Wild Forest social media channels!

Play to airdrop is the newest, hot, buzz phrase in web3 gaming. We’ve already seen successful play to airdrop campaigns from Heroes of Mavia and Apeiron. Now WIld Forest is getting in on the fun, offering their players a chance to earn WF tokens just for playing the game!

Wild Forest plans to distribute tokens based on an ‘Honor Leaderboard’. Players can earn points towards this leaderboard by working on their battle pass progression, owning Wild Forest NFTs, and community engagement. The Wild Forest team plans to put up a user interface soon so that players can track their progress in all of these areas.

The Wild Forest token, WF, will be an on-chain token. Players use WF tokens to rank up cards, for premium in-game purchases, and for NFT sales.

Wild Forest is free to play and available for both Android and iOS devices. They just began Season 5 on March 13th. This season brings new maps and a new battle system that limits unit spam. Players who earn three daily victories over ten days during this season can earn the Premium Battle Pass, which includes additional rewards. You can get started here.

What is Wild Forest?

Wild Forest is a free to play, web3-enabled, real-time strategy game, that has some similarities with old school games such as Warcraft (the original games) and Starcraft. Players start with a small base, claim areas, harvest resources, build troops, and try to destroy their opponent’s base.

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Wild Forest plays a little differently however, as players need to build a deck of seven unit types before the game begins. Then, once the game starts, they can only build those units, giving the game both a strategic and a tactical layer.

Players can own NFT unit cards, which can be leveled up to create more powerful, higher tier units.

Interested players can pick up card packs on the secondary market, though they are not cheap (currently $100+)! You can also buy Lord NFTs, a founder-type PFP collection (~$650 current floor price). Lords will provide access to future sales, early access to future releases, and grant automatic castle ownership.

Wild Forest is built on the Ronin network.Players will need a Ronin-compatible wallet to use NFTs and receive rewards.

To learn more about Wild Forest, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

defeat your opponent's base in Wild Forestdefeat your opponent's base in Wild Forest
defeat your opponent’s base in Wild Forest

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