Omnisea to Enable Ritual-Powered aiNFT Drops in Upcoming Integration

Omnisea, a platform dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity, is gearing up to introduce a groundbreaking integration with Ritual. Their groundbreaking integration with Ritual, an open, sovereign AI execution layer, is coming soon. Omnisea will enable Ritual-powered aiNFT Drops in the coming weeks, leading the Crypto and AI revolution.

— Omnisea | Omnichain NFTs (@omnisea) March 14, 2024

Omnisea and Ritual Forge Path for AI-Powered NFTs

This project envisions a future where artificial intelligence creates pictures, videos, audio, 3D objects, and more. Because of the growing link between cryptocurrencies and AI, Omnisea wants to be the best protocol for making AI digital assets.

aiNFTs, powered by Ritual and compatible with the Omnisea Launchpad, underpin this integration. Ritual allows smart contract developers compute on-chain and ask Infernet Nodes to compute off-chain and send answers to their smart contracts. Ritual works with classical and large language models (LLMs) like scikit-learn and HuggingFace, making it a solid foundation for AI-powered apps.

Creators can use any Omnisea-deployed Ritual Infernet AI model. This gives them many aiNFT-making options. The Omnisea and Ritual architecture simplifies aiNFT creation while maintaining security and flexibility.

The Omnisea Create Page lets creators create aiNFT. There, aiNFT is listed alongside other assets. The decision-maker can choose an AI model for inference, a decoder to process AI output, and metadata change. For added security, creators can choose a permissioned node.

Omnisea Redefines NFT Creation with AI Integration to Empower Creators

The “Mint” button on the aiNFT Drop Page prompts collectors to enter a prompt. This prompt will accompany aiNFT-Ritual compute requests. The Ritual Node sends the AI inference result to the aiNFT contract after creating an aiNFT without metadata. The delivery Ritual Node receives an inference fee, keeping the platform alive.

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Creators can make the aiNFT collection “Mutable,” allowing token owners to pay a reInference fee to regenerate metadata. This fee, higher than the initial inference fee, boosts OSEA buybacks and platform profitability.

Omnisea expects aiNFT launches to be simple, even for beginners. Ritual Infernet is adding AI services to change blockchain AI use. Omnisea hopes to meet market needs and open new cryptocurrency and AI uses by adding aiNFTs to its ecosystem. Omnisea will transform digital asset production and exchange by allowing creators use AI models to create NFTs. Omnisea wants to lead blockchain AI adoption with streamlined processes, flexibility, and security.

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