Alchemy Pay Assists AI Analysis in Debuting Their Customized Physical AIA Crypto Card

In an exciting development for the world of cryptocurrency and fintech, Alchemy Pay has announced its collaboration with AI Analysis Group. Alchemy Pay is a leading fiat-crypto seamless payment service provider. Together, they plan to introduce a groundbreaking new product called the AIA crypto card.

Leveraging #AlchemyPay’s Crypto Card Issuance solution, @AiAnalysisGroup introduces its branded physical AIA crypto card, enabling users to enjoy effortless payments, with the flexibility to use this card at any Mastercard-accepted locations.$ACH

— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) March 12, 2024

Seamless Funds Access with Alchemy Pay and AI Analysis

This partnership brings together Alchemy Pay’s expertise in payment solutions with AI Analysis’s innovative approach to AI, blockchain, and financial technology. The result is a prepaid physical crypto card that allows users to seamlessly engage in cryptocurrency transactions and access their funds through daily ATM withdrawals. The daily withdrawal limit is €2,000 and monthly limit is €100,000.

The AIA crypto card offers users the flexibility to spend their cryptocurrency holdings at any Mastercard-accepted location, both online and offline. This means that individuals can now enjoy effortless payments using their crypto assets, thanks to the convenience of a physical card.

Powered by Alchemy Pay’s Card-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, AI Analysis can issue customized branded Mastercard AIA cards without the complexities of managing card infrastructure. This initiative aims to provide a secure and convenient payment experience for users.

Global Accessibility and Regulatory Compliance

Alchemy Pay’s extensive global presence, with operations over 170 countries and a network of over 299 payment channels accepting 50+ fiat currencies, further strengthens the accessibility of the AIA crypto card. Users can recharge their cards with popular cryptocurrencies such as $USDT, $USDC, $ETH, and $BTC, in addition to the native token $AIAT.

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Moreover, Alchemy Pay’s commitment to regulatory compliance ensures that its cryptocurrency card issuance solution is in line with the relevant laws and regulations in each jurisdiction. With licenses and certifications obtained in various countries, Alchemy Pay demonstrates its dedication to preventing potential financial risks and maintaining credibility within the traditional payment sector.

The AI Analysis ecosystem, which includes the AIA Card, the AIA Academy, and the AI Analysis Token (AIAT), aims to bridge the gap between digital and conventional finance. By simplifying financial transactions and providing innovative solutions, AI Analysis seeks to educate and empower users. In summary, the introduction of the AIA crypto card represents a significant milestone in the collaboration between Alchemy Pay and AI Analysis Group, offering users a seamless and secure way to utilize cryptocurrency.

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