Jeff Bezos’s $8.5b for buying crypto? 4.5k ETH for alien punk? And more succulent crypto gossip

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Drama at SushiSwap

New reports have surfaced that several community members of Sushi’s core team have paid themselves undisclosed salaries and bonuses. According to a Mar. 7 story in the Defiant, Naim Boubziz, a core contributor to Sushi, claimed that DEXs treasury funds allow only select DAO members access to the team’s pay and bonuses, leading to calls that the treasury is being mismanaged. As an internal proposal said:

“The failure to govern Sushi funds in a transparent manner is of the utmost concern and requires immediate action from the DAO to protect its assets from ungovernable spending of treasury assets by the Sushi operations team.”

Jared Grey, Sushi’s “head chef,” and Neil Bhasin, half of Sushi’s two-man compensation committee, responded in the Sushi forum saying that the proposal’s author was a contributor to the rival Ramses Exchange, accusing them of seeking to “stir up drama within a competing DAO.”

True/False? In this case probably true, the drama at Sushi has been going on for quite some time.

The buyer of Punk 3100 for 4.5k ETH

@gmmoneyETH has a theory the buyer of the rare alien punk is none other than Alexandre Arnault, son and heir of luxury scion Bernard Arnault.

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The French billionaire just sold a crypto punk a few weeks ago in February at a profit of just 1 ETH, claiming he didn’t feel a connection to the piece anymore. According to @gmmoneyETH, nevertheless, the rumor “on the street is that he’s bidding on this alien,” due mostly to the fact Arnault also apparently shares an affinity for blue head bands.

True/False? Who has the kind of money to spend 4.500 ETH on a CryptoPunk? Someone whose dad owns Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton, that’s who. Either that or a wash trader.

Rumors that Jeff Bezos unloaded Amazon stock for crypto 

On Feb. 21, Bloomberg broke the news that everyone’s favorite retail mogul Jeff Bezos offloaded 20 million Amazon shares worth an estimated $8.5 billion dollars. Sitting on that much cash may be smart for some, but with interest rates low and the US dollar still causing widespread global inflation, speculation started churning online that Bezos had eyed this moment as an entree to Bitcoin.

The source of the rumour? An X post by Apollo co-founder Thomas Fahrer, who conjures several spurious and one unsubstantiated rumour: Bezos was spotted dining with Michael Saylor, a rumour that was later dispelled.

True/False? Is Bezos secretly hedging exposure to Amazon stock and the US dollar by LARPing into the original cryptocurrency? Maybe. When Buffet/Pelosi now?

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Edward Snowden posits a theory that a government may be secretly stacking crypto

Who could it be? Recall the rumour that Bitcoin may have been created by the NSA? Snowden’s former employer, the NSA. Did the NSA invent Bitcoin? Probably not.

True/False? Unlikely, but not 0.

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