Apeiron Token Sale and PvP Leaderboard

Apeiron, a real-time, fantasy, strategy game, begins the sale for their token, APRS, and winds down their latest beta with rewards for those who finish at the top of the leaderboards in the PvP Battle Arena!

The community round of the Apeiros (APRS) token sale is already underway, with the OMEGA round starting this morning (March 12th, 6am UTC), and running for 24 hours already sold out! Next comes the Primeval round, which begins on March 14th, at 10am UTC, and also runs for 24 hours. In light of the quick sell-out on the first round, the Apeiron team decided to double the token allocation for the Primeval round, from 9M to 18M tokens.

Eligibility for this sale requires certain whitelist roles and or NFT ownership from a snapshot that was taken last week (NFT assets needed to be on the Ronin network to be counted). The chart below shows how many tokens you can purchase based on your eligibility. Each lot costs $275 USDC.

This sale is available on the Ronin Launchpad, and does require undergoing a KYC process. Once live, you can access the sale at https://ronin.impossible.finance/

If you’re not eligible for this token sale, don’t worry. There will be many more chances in the future to acquire APRS. This distribution only represents a small percentage of the planned token emission.

token distribution for Apeirontoken distribution for Apeiron
token distribution for Apeiron

Apeiros will function as the main ecosystem token. Players will use it for Celestial Conjunctions (planet breeding), Apostle minting, NFT rentals, and other various game activities. There will also be future options to convert APRS into in-game tokens, and use those to purchase battle passes, and items from the game store

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Battle Arena PvP

And for those looking for a challenge, Apeiron is also currently running a PvP leaderboard contest. This contest runs through March 17th, 2024, and has a number of rewards to give out. Players can earn in-game tokens from daily battles and seasonal ranks, but they can also win additional prizes through this limited time leaderboard.

Players who make it to Platinum tier rank receive an entry into an upcoming raffle for a Planet or Elemental Core. Higher ranks also receive Apostle Ticket NFTs, Golden Apostle Ticket NFTs, and even Mythic Cores for the top 3 players.

Apeiron is free to play and available through the Epic Games launcher. The game features an introductory tutorial, and offers players a selection of free Apostles to use. Visit their website to get started.

preparing for battle

What is Apeiron?

Aperion is a god simulation game, with inspiration coming from classics such as Populous and Black and White. Players will control a world of ‘doods’, helping their civilization grow, or punishing the infidels for lack of respect for your god-hood! Maybe even both!

On top of that will be a real-time, tactical battle game, offering both PvE dungeons, and PvP contests.

Planet breeding (yes, you read that correctly), is a core part of the game economy, letting players control the production and value of newly created Planets. In addition, the Apeiron ecosystem includes Star NFTs. Stars have a number of orbital tracks into which players can stake their Planets. This lets planets get bonuses from their parent Star, which can also be upgraded for even more bonuses! Unused orbital tracks can even be rented to other players. Then you have Apostles, champion type characters with different skills, who can sometimes be staked to generate planet creating NFTs!

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Apeiron has a rather complex NFT economy. The team posted an official guide in September of 2023 which you can read here.

To learn more about Apeiron, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

a PvP match in actiona PvP match in action
a PvP match in action

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