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Ethereum Name Service open to building own layer 2: ENS director

(ENS) is actively exploring avenues to integrate its protocol onto Ethereum layer-2 networks, with potential plans to launch its own proprietary layer 2 solution. Khori Whittaker, the executive director of ENS, revealed these insights.

In an interview with Daily Dose Crypto, Whittaker refrained from divulging specific details about the research and development process but indicated that the ENS team is currently deliberating whether to integrate with an existing Ethereum layer-2 network or introduce an in-house layer 2 solution termed “the identity layer.”

“We’re deeply engaged in research and development concerning layer 2 applications, so I anticipate tangible outcomes from this effort within the year,” stated Whittaker.

He disclosed that discussions among ENS developers predominantly revolve around exploring development opportunities on Optimism. Additionally, Whittaker mentioned that future layer 2 development might incorporate zero-knowledge proofs, essential for safeguarding user data on public blockchains.

ENS faces significant challenges stemming from its protocol structure and awareness within the Ethereum ecosystem, according to Whittaker.

The Ethereum Name Service enables crypto users to acquire a “.eth” domain name, simplifying the complexity of wallet addresses and facilitating easier fund transfers on the Ethereum network.

Whittaker’s statements to Daily Dose Crypto come shortly after ENS collaborated with domain name provider GoDaddy to enable crypto users to link their .eth domains to traditional Web2 domains, such as those ending in .com, at no additional cost.

“We rely on builders and developers to integrate with ENS and promote its usage. Overcoming the awareness challenge is crucial, and we’re actively addressing it. Securing partnerships with major institutions like GoDaddy is pivotal,” Whittaker emphasized.

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Whittaker expressed his optimism regarding the broader adoption of blockchain technology, suggesting that partnerships like the one with GoDaddy could simplify blockchain concepts for mainstream web users.

“I envision a future where discussions about Web2 versus Web3 become obsolete, and all these technologies seamlessly integrate into everyday internet usage,” remarked Whittaker.